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Parents and Students: We have finally recieved a fix from the developer to correct the issue of Quarter4 not showing. We do regret the delay and appreciate your understanding while the developer corrected this issue.

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Students: Please use your district computer username and password.
Parents/Gaurdians: Please be patient. Your student's school will distribute your account name and password via a letter.

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GradeBook Viewer Attendance Tutorial
We understand that many parents and students in Middle School, Junior High, and High School have had some difficult finding the attendance for the 2nd Semester in the GradeBook Viewer. This tutorial will show how to see Semester 2 attendance.

General Notes:
  • Students can access the GradeBook Viewer with their district username and password. This allows students to keep up and monitor their grades and attendance.
    NOTE: Students in grade 5 and above will need to log into a district computer first. You will be prompted to change your password. The password you change to will be the password you use for computers and GradeBook Viewer.
  • Parents are given access to their student's account via a letter from the student's School Office. This letter will include a username and password that you will need to log into the GradeBook Viewer. If Parents are needing a new letter for access, please contact the student's School Office.
  • Please make sure to give teachers adequate time to enter grades and the office plenty of time to update attendance.
  • Grades listed on the GradeBook Viewer are not the guaranteed grade your child will recieve. Final grades may be subject to change due to attendance infractions, discipline infractions, and other classroom assessments.
  • Dishonest or inappropriate use of this tool can result in denial of access.